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Modern performances exploring ancient traditions.

Hypnosis, influence, connection. Bizarre magic for modern minds.

"The Witch Doctor Experience is best bizarre show I have ever seen . . . He creates the Witch Doctor reality and draws everyone in to experience it with him. What the Witch Doctor does reminds me of HP Lovecraft. When HP Lovecraft weaved a story he always left huge inviting horrible holes for the us to fill in with part of their own soul, when we read an HP Lovecraft story our life experience get twisted into the story causing us to have a very deep and powerful experience as the mind of HP Lovecraft mixed with what is already in our head. It is almost impossible to convert the powerful dark magic of a HP Lovecraft story into a movie, because movies work so hard to show us everything and leaves no room for the watcher to add his own life force, causing the moves based on HP Lovecraft to fall flat. When I saw the Witch Doctor’s live show I discovered something that I did not know was even possible. His show is a very inviting experience that draws everyone's mind and heart in. When he pauses here and there our minds have time to fill in meaning to what we have just seen with our own beliefs and experiences. The Witch Doctor guides us down the path of the bizarre but you leave all these mysterious holes for our minds and souls to fill in with our own meaning . . . causing our experiences to weave together into something wondrous. The Witch Doctor does with our five senses what HP Lovecraft does with words on a page. I left your show feeling like I was part of something very big, and it felt really good, I felt real magic. The Witch Doctor has caught lightning in a bottle" - Tim Wisseman, Magician and inventor


"A very unique and powerful performer. Get bewitched." - John Strange, seance artist, Brisbane, Aus.


"Made me believe he was the real deal" - Matthew Hernandez


Christopher Strange - Witch Doctor

Modern performance exploring ancient traditions

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